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Welcome to our library of training videos, where we offer open access to the filmed lectures that make up part of our Level I didactics. This video series is designed to be viewed in sequence. At present, we are offering access to some of our videos free below. Additional free content is also here.

Note: With the exception of Video 2, the entire series is mandatory for LMI Trainees in the Certificate Program.

Our Mission to Educate

Why we make these resources FREE

We understand that training is expensive. Often therapists from under-served communities- the very communities who have the least access to this form of therapy- cannot afford the time and expense of a quality training course. Though we recognize that the experiential aspect of training cannot be done remotely, we hope that free, public access to these teaching resources will allow the global community of psychedelic providers to benenfit from our years of experience. We offer this in service to all of you working to heal others. 

Video 1: Introduction

15 minutes, FREE

What does it take to become a psychedelic-assisted psychotherapist? How do these videos fit in to a larger training context?  Link

Video 2: Your Instructor

38 minutes, FREE (Optional)

It is helpful to understand the background and influences on an instructor, to make sure that their approach is transparent and aligns with yours.   Link

Video 3: Ketamine as a Psychedelic

17 minutes, FREE

Ketamine is a confusing medicine with many indicatioons and a mixed reputation. Is it actually a psychedelic?  Link

Video 4: Routes of Administration

15 minutes, FREE

What are the differences between sublingual, intravenouos, intramuscular, and intranasal routes of administration? How can each be used in psychedelic medicine? Link

Video 5: Dosing Strategies

33 minutes, FREE

Understand how to optimally dose ketamine for psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, the role of the therapist, and psycholytic dosing.  Link

Video 6: The Preparation Phase

18 minutes, FREE

What is necessary to acheive during the preparation phase to ensure physical and psychological safety and optimize outcomes?  Link

Video 7: The Integration Phase

12 minutes, FREE

What integration, and why is it so critical? Integration as an active psychotherapy intervention.  Link

Video 8: Set and Setting

13 minutes, FREE

Explaining the important concepts of “set” and “setting” and how to optimize them both for your clients.   Link

Video 9: Framing Expectations

12 minutes

Talking realistically about outcomes in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, so that clients are accurately informed. Link

Video 10: Discussing TOUCH

19 minutes

How to approach consent around the use of touch. A template and role play for this critical discussion during the preparation phase. Link

Video 11: Foundational Skills Part 1

12 minutes

How to begin. Now that you are starting your first psychedelic session, what are the critical “how-to’s” to have in your starting skill set?  Link

Video 12: Foundational Skills Part 2

22 minutes

Helpful skills for medicine sessions, building on the foundation of Part 1. Enhancing the therapeutic potential of a psychedelic session.  Link

Video 13: Foundational Skills Part 3

28 minutes

A frequently asked question- How to deal with Fear and other dysphoric states in a psychedelic session?  Link

Video 14: Music

15 minutes

Debunking some cherished beliefs about Music and psychedelic sessions. Using Music as a targeted intervention.   Link

Video 15: Ceremony

14 minutes

How should we approach the use of Ceremony for psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy in medicalized settings?  Link


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