the new frontier in mental health

Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy

Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy is a cutting-edge treatment approach to mental health symptoms and one that is, at this point, well established by decades of medical research. The term refers to professionally supervised use of ketamine, MDMA, psilocybin, LSD or ibogaine as part of an established psychotherapy treatment program. But the use of substances to induce altered states for healing or transformation is as old as humanity itself. In fact, many of the protocols in our most current research were originally inspired my anthropological observations of indigenous practices, as well as written accounts of traditions across the ancient world.

Goals of Treatment

To date, the scientific literature has shown that being administered a psychedelic in a carefully proscribed and monitored setting can induce an experience that is both medically safe and that provokes profound, durable psychological and behavioral change.

How it Works

Until recently, the use of psychedelics in medical settings was limited by the illegality of most of the studied medications, despite decades of published data establishing their safety. As a result, few mental health professionals today have been adequately trained in this specialty. In our clinic, we use experienced, highly trained therapists and physician-supervised administration of psychedelic doses of ketamine, by far the most studied psychedelic agent. At lower doses, it temporarily modifies consciousness, causing changes in mood, anxiety level and thought patterns. This treatment is legal, and it is safe. Our providers were the first in the region to offer this form of therapy. We have decades of cumulative experience with this medicine and have treated hundreds of clients.

What to Expect…..

Enrollment in the program begins with an intake evaluation with one of our specialized therapists. This visit will be used to design an individualized therapy program for you, depending on your needs, and your therapist will answer any questions you have. You will then have a medical screening exam by a physician to ensure that you can safely be treated with ketamine.

Following this, your therapist will first work with you to get to know you, establish your therapy goals and make sure you are adequately prepared for psychedelic work. This phase of treatment is the preparation phase and the number of sessions varies according to your needs.

Most clients will then have between one and three psychedelic sessions, and the timing of these is determined by you and your therapist as appropriate. Your therapist will stay with you during these sessions. A trained physician will also be medically monitoring you throughout the 40-60 minute period that the medication is taking effect.

After each ketamine session, you will have a follow up session with your therapist to discuss your experience. This part of treatment is called integration and helps you understand how to use your experience with ketamine to move forward with your overall therapy goals.