Fasting Retreats

Fasting is a time-honored method in many spiritual and cultural traditions to achieve a mild alteration in consciousness. This change in awareness allows us to quiet our mind and reflect on our life from a new perspective. Without the distractions and rhythms that our nervous system is habituated to, we find ourselves exploring new mental territory. Sometimes this territory is profoundly restorative.  Sometimes it is challenging, and we may need support to navigate it and discover what is on the other side.  

Most people who fast describe the experience as life-changing. Our supervising physician staff have studied fasting traditions as well as having their own, personal fasting practices, and we understand the physiological challenges as well as the personal rewards of a supported fast. Fasting is not for everyone. But if you feel this experience is calling to you, we are honored to ensure your journey and support your safety.


We offer semi-annual medically-supervised fasting retreats in the mountains of western NC.  Our partner sites offer serene settings and private rooms, and we provide daily physician check-ins. Clients can choose between full water fasting or juice fasting, or can work with us to develop individualized protocols that combine elements of these approaches. Retreats take place over 7 days, with the option of between 3-7 days of fasting, depending on your goals. 


Personalized Fasts

You will develop an individualized fasting plan in collaboration with an expert physician, who will work with you to ensure your medical safety and monitor your vital signs.  You will also have extensive preparation regarding the personal, emotional benefits of fasting and available support throughout your stay for any needs that develop. You will have as much privacy as you prefer, but support is only minutes away. 


Retreat cohorts are limited to five participants and are currently offered only twice a year.  Though there will be other participants fasting with you, we consider privacy and solitude essential to the therapeutic benefits of a supervised fast.  Our fasting retreats are therefore held as silent retreats. You may choose to have extensive conversation or interaction with support staff, of course, but we request that participants maintain silence amongst each other when in common areas.

The Program Includes:
  1. A thorough intake interview to answer your questions and assure that you will feel prepared. For non-local participants, this may be conducted via videoconferencing and may be scheduled up to 6 months prior to your retreat.
  2. Private room and bathroom in a quiet setting
  3. 24-7Access to shared gardens, common areas
  4. An individualized treatment plan for your fast, in consultation with a specialized physician.
  5. Daily medical and, if requested, psychotherapy visits to monitor vital signs and medical needs as well as provide emotional support if needed.
  6. 24-7 on call access to your support staff for any unexpected needs
  7. Assistance with emotional integration and safely resuming eating once your fast is complete.