Are you starting or running a psychedelic medicine practice or ketamine clinic? The Living Medicine Institute Training Programs include a personalized consultation option for individuals who are interested in the business side of practice.  Your session includes advice and mentoring on the administrative, legal, and prescribing realities you may face, with the goal of helping you think systematically and strategically to optimize your success.  This is a freestanding offering, and enrollment in our other trainings is not required.

Who can benefit?

Consultations can be personalized to your professional background and goals.  Are you a therapist? Prescriber? Or are you a entrepreneur interesting in working with licensed providers? Do you want to open a traditional ketamine clinic?  Or are you interested specifically in the realities of a psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy practice?  Regardless of which of these categories you fall into, Dr. Meidad Goldman and his team have specific and usable advice to help you meet your goals.

How it Works

Online consultation sessions will be scheduled at your convenience during 9-5:00 EST business hours. Visits are 60 minutes and billed as $300. Payment is through credit card which will be requested at time of scheduling. We will use the time is whatever way is most useful for you, depending on your needs and goals.


To schedule, email Dr. Meidad Goldman at with the following information:

1. Your name and profession

2. Whether you are already running a practice or just thinking of starting one

3. Particular questions you have.  

We will then email you back to schedule a consultation time with Dr. Goldman.  If we feel your needs will be best met by another specialist in our network, we will discuss this with you prior to scheduling. 

I am so glad I spent this hour gathering information I definitely needed. My conversation with Dr. Goldman prevented me from going down a road where I would have wasted time and resources and pointed me in a different direction.

J. Morgan, LCSW

This was really helpful- thank you! I feel like I now have a starting “to do” list that makes sense and all of this feels more “realizable”- if that makes sense. Thanks so much again for the authentic real talk!”

Chase M., Physician/MD