Certificate Program


Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy

The Concierge Approach to Psychedelic Psychotherapy Training

Why choose us…?

1. Extensive Psychedelic Experience: We believe that direct experience is necessary to develop your skills and responsibly step in to doing this intimate work with clients.  Trainees will participate in a minimum of seven altered state experiences throughout the program.  You will experience the differing effects of varying doses, routes of administration, and set and setting variables.  This will allow each trainee to become familiar with navigating the non-ordinary states of consciousness themselves.  Each experience will build on those prior, with increasingly complex learning embedded throughout.

  1. Clinical Practicum: You will have multiple opportunities to sit for others in the role of a therapist, both with fellow trainees and actual clinic patients in a treatment program.  You will also act as staff intern for a 4 day training retreat, gaining hands-on experience with group facilitation.
  1. Work with Clients: As the training evolves, you will have the opportunity to act as lead therapist for patients in our existing Asheville, NC clinic or in a clinic local to you.  This will begin with the intake process and continue through the entire course of treatment, enabling trainees to experience the full arc of treatment with a real clients in an actual clinic setting.  You will have one on one supervision with a staff member who will support your work with the client, coaching you through real life clinical encounters.
  1. Mentoring and Supervision: We offer the highest level of one-on-one mentoring of any training program.  Our program focuses on strong personal mentoring relationships between trainees and teachers. 
  1. Community Cohort: We believe in a closed container approach to training, where cohorts of trainees work together over time and develop trust, confidentiality, and a mutual support network.  Training in this work is both challenging and personally rewarding, and having a trusted support group provides emotional safety, so that trainees can safely experience the often vulnerable and emotional aspects of the journey.  Because the people you experience this learning journey with are such an important part of your experience, we have an thorough application and screening process to make sure that those we admit are appropriate for the intensive learning environment.

Application Note

Note: We do not accept applications directly for our full Certificate Program. You may begin by applying for Level One certification through our Level One training below. 


Certification requires completion of Level One and Level Two, which are offered separately. Level One is only available through scheduled cohorts. Many trainees choose to only enroll in Level One, which covers all didactics and experientials. Completion of Level One is required to participate in the optional Level Two, which is scheduled according to your individual needs and meets supervision requirements. You will receive a certificate for completion of Level One and a final graduation certificate for completing the full training- both levels one and two.  We do not currently have CEU credit available.  Further clinical supervision and career mentoring is optional after completion of training.

  1. Level One Training: Includes full didactics and multiple experiential ketamine sessions woven into a curriculum designed to enhance both styles of learning, delivering real world practice skills as well as personally meaningful work with ketamine as a medicine.

Cost and application information here.

Note also that trainees who have participated in an Introductory Retreat will receive credit towards Level One and prorated tuition. More information is available on our training page for the Level One curriculum.

  1. Level Two Training: One-on-one clinical supervision of three KAP clients, either through our outpatient clinic or one local to you.  Cost and time commitment varies according to the treatment course of your clients but is estimated as 20-30 supervision hours at a cost of $200-$300/hour, depending on your choice of supervisors. You will also have the opportunity to act as staff intern for a 4-day Living Medicine Institute training retreat, where you can gain skills as a group psychedelic facilitator. There is no cost for this experience.
  1. Career mentoring and ongoing supervision: Many trainees move into this phase after completion of Level Two or overlapping with it.  We offer one-on-one mentoring on all aspects of practice development, including clinic set up, consulting with medical staff, business planning, navigating billing and marketing, and much more to help you to launch into practice, whether it be in an existing clinic, starting a clinic, or developing a private practice.  This service is individualized to your needs. 

Note: We do provide this as a freestanding service, separate from our training program.  However, we find we work best with those who are familiar with our way of approaching KAP work from having been through our training.


Thank you for your interest in our Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy  Certificate Program!  We welcome your interest and are glad you are considering joining us for this innovative and experientially oriented training program.

This program is intended for trained clinical professionals who are interested in learning advanced, cutting-edge techniques in how to effectively work with psychedelic altered states in clinical settings. 

Growing as a psychedelic therapist is best done in community and through trusted mentoring relationships.  Each training starts with an exclusive cohort that has been individually selected after having met our admissions criteria.  With close mentoring and supervision, your cohort will move through the process together, supporting each other through this intensive learning process and practice.

We believe direct experience with this medicine is an essential foundation from which to build a practice in psychedelic medicine. The intent is for you to not only learn how to effectively use ketamine, but also to experience first-hand the powerful effects of the medicine.  Therefore, each training cohort will participate in seven to eight individual and group ketamine journeys to develop a felt sense of the different methods of administration and dose ranges.  Guided by our experienced staff, the processing of these personal experiences will further inform your ongoing training and supervision. 

In terms of direct client care, you will progress to recieveing guidance and supervision doing altered state work with clients in our outpatient clinic.  As you progress through the program, you will become increasingly autonomous in this work.  One-on-one supervision by an expert therapist is available throughout.  This allows us to meet you where you are at with your existing skills, while also supporting you in developing your own unique skill sets and ability to work with increasing independence.  Our goal is that by the time you have graduated from our program, you will have already worked autonomously in multiple psychedelic sessions.  

You will graduate this certificate program confident, fully prepared, and ready to immediately begin your practice in psychedelic assisted psychotherapy.  You will know you have had more training time in altered state work than graduates from any other training program, and you will have benefitted from direct supervision from some of the most experienced clinical professionals in the country.  This will allow you to quickly develop your own unique niche at the cutting edge of this rapidly growing field.